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Asset Health Management Solution Suite

Corrosion Module

  • Automated 24/7 sensor monitoring
  • Low Risk TMLs: reduce manual  TML inspection costs by 80+% 
  • High Risk TMLs: reduce maintenance costs based on accurate thickness measurements, corrosion rates and remaining life

Intelligent software with precise insights

Corrosion sensors with extended coverage

Early, accurate insights

Shift repairs to at turnaround

TML OPTIMIZATIONQuantifies statistically insignificant inspections to reduce TML pointsSENSOR MONITORINGProvides accurate corrosion insights + Unique Corrosion + Process insightsHigh-risk TMLs, high cost to accessLow-risk TMLsRe-think corrosion monitoring - Manual to Automated methods

High-fidelity, low-cost sensors with edge alarming

Adaptive anomaly detection tools

Intuitive event notifications

Focus on key thermal assets (top 10-20%)

Temperature Module

Optimize thermal assets:

  • Reduce process interruptions (freeze / solidification) due to cold steam traps
  • Reduce energy losses due to blow through in failed steam traps
  • Enhance safety and improve processes based on visibility to relief valve operation
Working TrapFailed ClosedFailed OpenSTEAM TRAPSPRESSURE RELIEF VALVESFailedWorkingASSETSProcess Critical$X-XXMLarge Traps$XXXK$XXKSmall Traps, Lower Pressure EXPOSURE

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